With the first bite, your imagination takes you to a field of strawberries where the aroma is almost as intense as the taste. Raspberries, apples, and white cherries are only a few of the exquisite fruits that Christine Ferber personally selects for her preserves.

Known as the “Queen of Confitures,” Christine Ferber's exquisite flavor combinations, her respect for the produce, and her simplicity of technique have made her preserves a season of their own. Still relatively unknown in the United States outside of the culinary world, these native of Alsace, France confitures are used by Michelin-starred restaurants, ultra-luxe hotels, and trendy retail establishments throughout France and Japan. They have inspired an almost religious following among many, even if Ferber is not yet a household name within the US.

Christine prepares everything in small batches to retain the natural flavor and texture of the fruit. Her relentless commitment to high-quality, small-scale production is a personal mission. Typically she can be found in her cramped, low ceilinged kitchen, beside her cutting board peeling and preparing fruit, surrounded by staff gently stirring hammered copper preserving pans, often two at a time. Christine has steadfastly refused to grow beyond the point where she can select and hand-cut fruit locally.

Christine Ferber Jams are periodically available in the US at The Sweet Palate. Also available on-line at http://www.borneconfections.com. Click here to see next availability.

Christine Ferber - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucF-hnbPVA4