Whether in our boutique or on-line, you can delight in creating an artisan color palette when you select a box of Oriol Balaguer’s chocolates with the varieties you crave. Through quality, creativity and conceptuality, Balaguer’s avant-garde chocolates showcase the balance between the familiar and unfamiliar. Although his creations include traditional combinations, he is well known for challenging your sweet palate with more unique ingredients to compliment chocolate. Some of his unique flavors include Azafran (milk chocolate infused with saffron), Aceite (white chocolate infused with olive oil), Rosas (dark chocolate with rose) and many more. With unmatched taste, his signature cocoa pod shaped chocolates highlight the simplicity of the design to reflect an impression of both color and style. The following shows you the various options to create your own personally designed chocolate collection.

Chocolate ganache and pralines:
Fruits and Fragrance
Exotic & Alcohol
Cocoa Percentage
Spices & Teas

Having worked with the world’s greatest culinary experts, including seven years with Ferran Adria at El Bulli, it is not surprising that Oriol Balaguer is regarded as one of the best and most revolutionary talents in the world of chocolate. Recognized internationally as World Champion, Balaguer brings chocolate to a new dimension while maintaining the highest respect for the authenticity of the finest ingredients.

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We invite you to watch the following video in order to experience the art behind Balaguer's chocolates:

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