Whether the childhood memory of a winter Spice Cookie or High-Tea with flaky Palmiers, Dandoy Biscuits are an adult�s guilty pleasure. Since its creation in 1829, Maison Dandoy's timeless and traditional craftsmanship has been capturing hearts for six generations of families. All of their guilty pleasures are handmade in Brussels, with 100% natural ingredients just like their great-great-great grandfather made with skill and care in a truly artisanal way. Dandoy Biscuits are rich in flavor, sweet in scent, and capricious in figure. Whether the world renowned Speculoos or the caramelized nutty Florentine, the treasured recipes for these gourmet cookies have remained exclusively secret. Available in our retail location and on-line at www.borneconfections.com.

As the oldest and most famous biscuit shop in northern Europe, Maison Dandoy is renowned for a special biscuit called �rusks.� The success of this product eventually helped the biscuit firm survive the economic and financial crisis of the 1930's, as well as go through the Second World War, during which Dandoy was only allowed to use flour for producing its rusks. During the Second World War, the lack of raw materials and the food rationing imposed by the war made it impossible for Maison Dandoy Biscuiterie to produce most of its pastry and biscuit specialties. Many businesses in the field were consequently forced to close down. Val�re Rombouts-Dandoy, then running the biscuit firm, had to temporarily stop baking the gourmet cookies which had made the shop famous. He still managed to get the authorization to carry on producing �rusks,� one of the rare bakery products, along with bread, that could be claimed with food rationing tickets. This decision made it possible for Biscuiterie Dandoy to survive, and its reputation hasn't faded since.

Dandoy Biscuits: PURE ART AND DEVOTION, and a necessary indulgence!